Super Bowl Sunday!  

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So I turned the TV on this morning and at 9AM, Fox started their Superbowl Celebration. From Super Sunday, Road to the Super Bowl, Inside the Rings with Troy Aikman, Howie Longs Tough Guys, and then 4 hours of the the Super Bowl Sunday Pre-game Show. Wow! It doesnt get any better than this! This is the way all Sundays should be.

OK, my take on the Super bowl. I am really tired of hearing Brady this, and patriots that. Ugh! Get over it. There are severa reasons why I am cheering for the Giants today.

1. I am tired of the Hype.
2. I would love to see Peyton Manning pass the Lombardi trophy to his brother Eli.
3. Most of Miami's and Marion's records have been beaten. The one thing I can brag about is Miami's 1972 undefeated season. I don't want to lose that.

So witht that being said I think the Giants are going to pull out an upset...38-35 My guess its going to be a high scoring game.

Go Giants!

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