They Caught Him!  

Posted by Tim Justynski

The Lake County Sheriff's department called this morning and said that they caught the kid who stole my Sirius radio. He said it was a one in a million shot, but they caught him. He was a gang member that lived in a near by apartment complex. (I didn't know we had gangs in Clermont- kind of scary...) It seems he hit the neighborhood across the street last night, and after a few tips, the police were led to his house. His mother was eager to let the cops in. She said he was nothing but trouble, and to please take him away. She gave them permission to search his room, where they found about 15 satellite radios and other electronics in a duffel bag. WOW! I never would have thought that I would see it again. Justice prevails!

Great Customer Service  

Posted by Tim Justynski

I don't get to write about this stuff very often, but after what happened I felt they deserved it.

Yesterday morning, I went out to my car and found out that some one had broken into my car. Yes, it was partly my fault as I had forgotten to lock my car doors. I also realized that thieves are rather STUPID! They took about $3 in change and my Sirius Radio Receiver. That's it! They left my GPS system, that was in clear site, and left my Ipod that was in the glove box. Now how stupid is that. I can deactivate the Sirius radio, but not the GPS System. DUH!!! Anyways, thank the lord, that's all they got.

When I got home from work, I decided to go a head and have the police come out and get a police report on file. Come to find out, someone on the next block had the same thing happen to him last night, and they took was his XM radio receiver. Anyhow, the police officer who came out to the house was a nice guy. He sat and talked to Vicky and I for a good hour about the area, life, the economy...etc. Its nice to know that there are a few good cops in this world. LOL

They needed the Radio serial number for the police report, so I called Sirius radio. Now these people were awesome! They gave me the info I needed, said they were sorry for my loss, and that's when it happened! They said that they were going to send me new radio, free of charge. They were also going to send me a new car kit and a coupon to have it professionally installed. They also gave me a free months service for my troubles. HOLY CRAP! I didn't ask for any of this. They just did it! It was not there fault it was stolen, they owed me nothing! Now I am sure, they do not want me to cancel my subscription, so that's why they did it. But I still believe they went way above the call of duty. They now have a customer for life. I only wish there was more companies out there like this.