She did it!  

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Brittany finally went to the DMV, took her examine and got her Learners Permit! She is so excited and we are very proud of her. I let her drive down a few back roads, I nearly pee'd my pants a couple of times, but she did well. I don't think she is ready for US - 27 yet, but she'll get there.

What the Heck is EMO?  

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The other day my daughter Brittany said that Logan was dressed "Emo." Huh? I said he doesn't look anything like the little red Muppet. I was quickly laughed upon and she said "not Elmo, but Emo." After some discussion I found out that "Emo" is another term for punk or goth. Can anyone tell me where that term came from? When I was in school it was called "punk" or "Goth", but Emo? Don't get me wrong, we do not dress Logan Emo, Goth, or punk, but he did have his little skater long sleeve shirt on. Oh this world is so crazy these days......


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Today I did something today makes me sad. I voted in our executive meeting that an employee be fired. The vote was 3 to 1 in favor of him being fired. It saddens me that I had to do this, but we had given this guy chance after chance to straighten up his bad attitude, but its the same old crap. I do not enjoy watching someone lose their job, and its the last thing I want anyone to go through. However, we do have to keep things under control at work, and we cannot tolerate bad attitudes. I will pray for him and hopes that he learns from this and uses it to succeed in his future endeavors.....


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Yesterday I was completely stressed to the max. I was given a project at work that had a fast approaching due date, and that has little or no room for error. Basically, I was asked to get a list of all of my clients front line staff because SeaWorld was giving them all free annual passes. Sounds easy right? Not when you have over 80 clients who have any where from 5 to 50 employees each. Getting them to respond in a timely manner is not the easiest thing to do. Then double and triple checking to make sure everyone got a list to me. Calling those that didn't. Then making sure I didn't leave any names off the list. (Try explaining that one!) The worst thing is to have to tell a major client, that "oops, I left you off the list. Sorry, we will get you some next year."

So I guess when my family got home last I wasn't in the best of moods. Vicky and I have been trying very hard to not bring our stress home with us. It had gotten the best of our relationship last year, and we are working hard to control that. I slipped up yesterday, and let that stress get to me. So to my family...I am sorry! I guess we are bound to slip up once in while, but the best thing is that I can recognize it (with the help from my wife) and admit to it. So I pledge to do my best to keep this from happening again...

In the Life of Tim  

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I have been writing on another blog for a while now. And although I enjoy writing about Orlando and all the things that are available in the area, there has been several days where I just wanted to write my opinions on life and whats happening the world around is. So I decided I would start another blog to do just that. Some posts maybe my particular feelings about whats happening in the world, and other maybe about my personal life. Feel free to express your thoughts on the subject as we go!