What the Heck is EMO?  

Posted by Tim Justynski

The other day my daughter Brittany said that Logan was dressed "Emo." Huh? I said he doesn't look anything like the little red Muppet. I was quickly laughed upon and she said "not Elmo, but Emo." After some discussion I found out that "Emo" is another term for punk or goth. Can anyone tell me where that term came from? When I was in school it was called "punk" or "Goth", but Emo? Don't get me wrong, we do not dress Logan Emo, Goth, or punk, but he did have his little skater long sleeve shirt on. Oh this world is so crazy these days......

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I just LOVE Muppets!!

January 19, 2008 at 10:58 AM

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