Things That I am Thankful For...  

Posted by Tim Justynski


Here is a list of things that I am thankful for.....

*For my mom who has given me the ability to be emotional.

*For my Dad who has taught me everything I needed on how to take care of your family.

*For my Sister who I can always talk to, and will always tell me what she thinks reagrdless if I am going to like it or not.

* For my Brother teaming up with Tasha and forcing me to call some one I did not know and asking her out on a date.

*For Vicky who said yes.

*For my wife (Vicky) who makes me complete.

*For my wife who now understands why it is important to me that a 12 Pack of Soda is opened from the side of the box and not the top.

*For my son Laine who keeps me up with the latest video games and for making me a pruod father watching him play football for his high school.

*For my Daughter Brittany who also understands why its important to me that a 12 pack is opened the correct way and for making me a proud father everytime she brings her report card home.

*For my son Logan who always finds a way to make me smile, even when he has kept me up all night.

*For my house that keeps me cool in the summer and warmr in the winter.

*For my job that helps pay the bills.

*For the rest of my family that I can always count on.

*And for GOD who has given me all of the above and so much more.

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