Falling Prices...  

Posted by Tim Justynski

Its amazing how people forget so quickly, when prices start falling. Gas prices have now reached a 2 year low at $1.99 a gallon here in Clermont, FL. Now while we are all celebrating this great relief on our wallets, there are others that are being stupid! I read an article yesterday, that said there has been a spike in SUV and Heavy Duty trucks sales, since prices have been declining. Are you kidding me? Do people not learn from their prior mistakes? Do they think that prices will not go back up? I guarantee that they will be the first to complain when prices start to rise again, and it will be no ones fault but their own!
So now that prices have gone down, will we stop persuing alternative fuels? If the Auto industry does get this bail-out, will they continue to make the fuel efficient cars, or will they go back to what got us here in the first place? Lord I hope not. I personnally agree with the idea, that there should be a regulation stating that all new cars have to get at least 30 miles a gallon. At least thats a start!
OK, enough of my griping, I gotta run. The Ford Dealership just called and said the 2009 4 Door F150 I just bought is ready for pickup.
Just Kidding!

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