Back Yard Landscaping  

Posted by Tim Justynski

Vicky and I decided to take on a project, that took a lot longer than I expected and was more work than I could have imagined. Well, its finally done. Okay its been done for a few weeks now, but this is the first time I had a chance to write about it. Here is how it went.
What started it all is that our back yard has a slop. Its nearly impossible to have any type of play ground for Logan. We had bought a Little Tikes playground last year off of Ebay, but had to keep it pushed up next to the house, as it was the most level area of the yard. So what we thought we would do is dig it out and make a retaining wall.
This picture is what the yard looked like prior. When the picture was taken I had already used the sod cutter to make it easier to remove the grass. My original plan was just to dig it all up with a shovel. WOW! Thank god the guy at Home Depot talked me into renting the sod cutter. It made things 50 times eaiser. I had all of the grass removed with in an hour.

After removing the sod, it was time to dig. We basically removed the dirt from the upper areas and moved it to the lower lying areas. Eventually everything evened out. Vicky also want to add a planter for her flower, so that was all put into plan.

Once everything was level, we started laying out the bricks for the wall. This was not a easy task, as each one had to be level. As you can see, my helper was there at every step of the process. We ended up buying about 30 more bricks that we needed. (thanks to my math, and the Osceola County School System. LOL) So we decided to extend the wall down the fence which was not in the original plan. After that was completed, I was happy we did. It looked great!
After the wall was built, it was time to level the dirt, put in the play set and spread the mulch. I was happy to do that, because it meant the hard part was over and we were nearly done. Woohoo! As you can see my helper was there at part, and even helped water the new grass.
All in all, it looks better than I could have imagined. Below are a few pictures of the finished product. Let me know what you think....

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