A New Budget  

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Vicky and I decided we would start a Budget and get on track. We decided that if we wanted to go on vacations and buy the things we wanted, we would have to save for them. There is really no other way than to set a budget. After doing some research I decided to purchase budget software from YNAB. Its a Zero Based Budget which means every dollar coming in is accounted for. We spent a few hours delegating every dollar to different categories within the budget.

In doing this we realized just how crazy we were spending our money. We never realized how much money we had after all of the bills were paid, because we spent it on wants instead of needs. Vicky is excited since she actually has a monthly clothing allowance. She has already been window shopping, patiently waiting for her allowance to kick in. That's is it for now, I will let you know how things are going.

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Now if you would of told me that I could spend money on clothing, haircare, housewares, and cosmetics without feeling guilty, I would of been onboard months ago!

By the way tomorrow - Girls Shopping Day!

March 10, 2008 at 9:09 AM

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